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And lastly - finishing work.
Is the devil truly in the details?
In this case, applying a liberal dose of Kyonal-based cut paste to pruning cuts and wounds may save some headaches and problems later. Bougainvillea wood rots and gets 'punky' very fast, if not protected like this.
Over time, I'll scrape down to the cambium around each of those pruning scars and with this hopefully promote natural healing by the tree to callous over and protect those wounds.


Wiring! In this case, I'm doing what I like to call 'air wiring' (Wiring VERY loosely) with heavier gauge aluminum wire. Over the years this tree has been maintained to shape with some decent pruning. The branches left after heavy pruning move into good, beginning positions to start the foundation of this Bonsai. Sorry about the quality of the photos of this girl. You need a plain back drop to place behind your trees when photographing them like this, to see details of the structure and silhouette.


Alrighty then.... It's hack and slash time! Well,
for Bonsai, that would be said more properly as 'Foundation Styling Work', right?
This tree has a fairly long, elegant trunk, that winds and weaves into a nice split higher up. A lower branch on the trunk was summarily removed, because it basically interrupted that smooth, flowing line.